Job centre ignores sex workers (during office hours at least)

fleissHey! People who get naked for a living! We got bad news for you!

Those swine at the job centres won't be helping you find a job any more. Nope. Prudish dole-dolers aren't going to be able to carry adverts for jobs in the sex industry under a ban announced by the coalition government.

And this is with immediate effect.

Lap dancers and strippers apparently make the government feel uneasy (with many being so uneasy that they can't stand-up after having met some of these people) and they don't want to make anyone else feel uneasy too.

It isn't all bad news though. You can still work in lapdancing joints because adverts for vacancies such as a cleaning job in such an establishment would be allowed.

The ban will only affect jobs which could lead to exploitation, Employment Minister Chris Grayling said.

The BBC report that the adult industry job adverts have been allowed in job centres since 2003, when lingerie chain Ann Summers won a legal fight to advertise for shop staff.

It shouldn't matter too much though as, from personal experience, these clubs tend to hire illegal immigrants to do the work so they don't have to pay national insurance and the like. I'm sure the coalition government will be tackling that next... once they've worked out a system of paying a few girls to stay quiet about that time with the blow-torch, a pineapple and a rubber maid outfit.


  • Andy
    Because, of course, the only jobs that are open to exploitation are lap dancer and stripper. No cleaner has ever, ever been exploited in their work...
  • oliverreed
    @Andy, exactly, now bend over bitch.....

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