Jet2 charges amputee baggage fee for spare prosthetic legs

Surely the whole point of budget air travel is that your flight doesn't cost you an arm and a leg? Spare a thought then for Mick Skee, who was charged a whopping two extra legs recently.

Mick, from Gateshead booked a flight with Jet2 to Majorca and was surprised to find they were imposing a £10 each-way surcharge for carrying a spare set of prosthetics. Skee was shocked at the surcharge as according to the same Jet2, bringing a wheelchair on the flight is free of any extra charges.

After some complaining and a bit of publicity Jet2 have changed their mind, stating:

Mr Skee's specific request was not one we had ever encountered previously and the carriage of an additional set of prosthetic limbs was not featured in our terms and conditions.

It is impossible to cover every possible permutation for travellers' requests.

We have now reviewed our guidelines and are moving forward. Requests such as Mr Skee's will be covered under our mobility guidelines rather than our medical excess guidelines.

Is this a move forward? For Skee it sure is, however for anyone else the lack of common sense and reliance on by-the-book rules indicates Jet2 might not be the best airline to have on your side when things go wrong.


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