Jesus - It's Nearly Easter!

If you’ve been suffering from a curious empty feeling over the last few days, we’re here to illuminate you a little. It’s the distinct lack of Easter merchandise in the shops.

Think about it – it’s almost the last day of 2008 and Easter Sunday 2009 is on April 12th. That’s a mere 102 days for you to stock up on eggs for everyone! Jesus! Where are they?!?

You’ll be green with envy when you realise that those lucky, clucky Tesco customers at Ilkeston, Derbyshire already have a full display of Easter eggs to choose from, and most of the rest of the wretched chain’s stores will be rolling out their Easter offerings over the coming days.

Are they still playing CDs of Christmas songs in certain stores? If so, you do realise that it’s part of Xmas ’09 don’t you? The bastards.


  • Darren
    I know at Altrincham Tesco's they have had easter eggs on display since the beginning of December. SUppose its a bit more funnier to give an easter egg rather than a selection box!
  • N E.
    You're so mean - bitter if you like.
  • ungulator
    wel they have got to fill the seasonal isles w something and the next holiday is easter, otherwise whole sections would be empty and they would miss out on people buying (very) early, i've seen peope do it tho, if they filled the isles with ultracheap gifts or cheap toasters a la woolworths, they'd get too many returns and lose profits, this is the easy option
  • john
    Juxtaposition of "Jesus" and "Easter" makes interesting reading. Also, whatever happened to the 12 days of Christmas?
  • choc-chic
    My local B&M Bargains had Creme Eggs & Mini Eggs from the 24th NOVEMBER this year! That's the earliest I've ever seen them (so far I'm sure.....)
  • Ultraviolence
    Andy - Please explain wht Tesco are a "wretched chain"
  • Liddle m.
    Ultraviolence - Please explain your need to ask the question...
  • paul t.
    Somerfield stores in Glasgow are still selling mini eggs since easter, they dont seem to have ran out of them lol, weird weird ass shit
  • Chilliman
    Mini eggs and creme eggs are on sale all year round....idiots.

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