Jelly crawling zombies will wake up any dying party

Want to spruce up a summer garden get-together, your kids’ birthday party or Grandma’s ‘Congratulations on being bundled off into a nursing home’ extravaganza? Sick of traditional jelly and ice cream being dished up at these type of affairs?

You could do a lot worse than serve up some of these – they’re jelly crawling zombies and you can bang out an infinite number of them with the help of the crawling zombie jelly mould, available for only $14.99 from ThinkGeek.

They’re probably the sort of things that Britain’s Got Talent loser Nick Hell scoffs when he isn’t swinging bins around with his ears. If the jelly crawling zombies whet your appetite, the site also flog moulds for jelly zombie brains, gummy anatomical hearts, and gummy maggots.

Mmmmmm…. gummy anatomical hearts…

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  • Amanda H.
    Except using an ASDA strawberry jelly is going to look very realistic (innit).

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