Japanese milk the health benefits of cow juice

Learning that milk costs £28 a bottle is likely to induce some brain-bursting aneurysm, a short-term coma or, at the very least, mild vomiting.

Ah, the sweet, sweet irony. See, the premium adult milk launched by Nakazawa Foods, which retails at 5,000 yen per 900ml (about a pint and a half) bottle, is packed full with a stress-relieving hormone called melatonin. So far from getting uptight about parting with the best part of £30 to sort your cornflakes out, you should feel pretty damned good about it.

Or you could just buy a pint of semi-skimmed and watch porn. Your choice.



  • J.hardy
    27 quid?! There must be some conspiracy we're missing. Even the Yakuza would know better than those prices.
  • Netizen
    Milky pron, I like your style!
  • Anonymous
    Melatonin eh? Maybe those Chinese factories just got mixed up.....
  • The B.
    [...] getting chilly.  As an MD, it’s my duty to ask you to look after your health. Try Japanese cow milk, or some quality central heating.  My fake arm tatoos seem to be a good [...]

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