Japanese long-life space pants currently being tested

Call us old-fashioned or just plain old filthy, but we didn't think there was anything wrong with wearing the same pair of pants for a whole week. Obviously you turn them inside out on day 3 or 4 and once the week’s over, the pants are only fit to be burned (although they’re a bugger to light by that point) but as a rule, we thought a week was more or less the industry standard.

Turns out we’re wrong, although science could soon be along on its white charger with a rescue package for our dirty ways. A Japanese astronaut is currently on the International Space Station testing out some underpants that will comfortably last for the full week before they need to be changed.

The ‘J-ware’ pants, have inexplicably been developed at Japan Women's University in Tokyo, and can absorb moisture and kill bacteria, keeping you relatively fresh for longer. But why the outer-space testing? Will the smell really be too bad for Earth by the end of the week? Are they expecting them to explode if exposed to advanced levels of thigh-chafing? It’s all a mystery to us, but the astronaut in question, Koichi Wakata says, "Nobody has complained, so I think it's so far, so good."

Koichi, nobody has complained because they’ve all buggered off down to the International Space Station Social Club and they’re all keeping their helmets on.



  • Mike H.
    Just the 1 week? Turn them inside out and they'll last another, by that time, all of the shit piss and what ever else is on them has permiated into your clothing so they're good for another reversal and another weeks use, bonus!
  • Amanda H.
    Why not just wear Pampers?
  • veedubjai
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