ITV HD miss England's first goal, ads have never looked better

If you weren't one of the 1.5 million watching Saturday's England vs USA match on ITV HD, then you missed ITV's decision to play the sponsor credits roughly four minutes into the match - the exact time Gerrard scored.

It's not quite HD in this clip, but thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader James Cridland (and he is an avid reader, too) you too can relive the teeth-crumbling fury experienced by those viewers.Oh, and as avid reader MayContainNuts points out in the comments below, the remainder of the game was shown in standard definition. Classy.

It epitomises ITV's coverage of football in general - an unwieldy bag of spanners, which coincidentally describes England's performance in the match. Roll on Germany in the second round. At least that sponsor credit looks really, really crisp and clear, eh? Every cloud, and all that.


  • MayContainNuts
    You missed out the bit where the rest of the game was in standard definition, too - just to add insult to injury....
  • TH1882FC
    Everything about itv and its football coverage is to coin a phrase "fucking shit"
  • Andrew R.
    TH1882FC has it in one!
  • ITVareAbunchOFnobEnds
    I like the way the ITV1 HD website says 'ITV1 HD will make watching the World Cup an unforgettable experience'. Now there's a fucking understamement.
  • kev
    not the first time either, remember the merseyside derby in last year's FA Cup?
  • Internet T.
    Leeds fans sum up everyone's thoughts perfectly....
  • Nobby
    ITV Spokesman Jocky McJockman said "The English always find something to moan about. It was a minor error and nobody missed anything important."
  • NME
    Why did someone happen to be videoing the TV?
  • 3dtv
    @NME Have you heard of Sky + ??
  • itvarenobjockeys
  • Hmmm
    "Why did someone happen to be videoing the TV?" Sky+HD has this amazing feature where you can record what you're watching and play it back later.
  • Pheonix
    @NME Sky plus playback, its a wonderful thing when something unexpected happens on the TV and you want to see it again. Like Katy Perry getting her bush out and shouting "back the bush" on James Cordens programme, nice
  • NME
    @Sky+ features - WTF! IS DIS REAL?
  • Casey
    What's sky plus got to do with anything? It clearly is a video of a TV set.
  • mo
    This is why the ITV should not be allowed to show sports and let the BBC do it, i say they make a law against the ITV showing football ever, they are crap and now they have that fuck Adrian who ruins it they also get pundits who don't support England in the studio WTF International Twat Vision
  • The B.
    Thank Christ ITV will never vie for the Rugby, it's way too high brow for their audience.
  • Theo C.
    @MayContainNuts - I thought it was in SD afterwards as well so I flicked over to ITV1 to check. The ITV1 content was definitely even lower definition that what was being shown on ITVHD after the glitch (I would say lower quality but frankly all the football was low quality so it doesn't differentiate, HONK). My theory is that either the ITVHD output was them upscaling their SD stream or it was just SD benefiting from higher bitrate on the HD channel. ITV were just scraping towards bearable with Adrian Chiles, but crap like this sends them back to the stone age in terms of broadcasting.
  • greg
    my email to ITV went like this: i’m sure you’re sick of reading these, but that break to miss the England goal in HD was utterly ridiculous. Things like this make me glad to pay a TV license so that not all TV would end up like the total toss you show. consider thousands and thousands of people picking the BBC when games are simultaneously broadcast. just incase other viewers were indecisive about your channel, last night’s blunders confirms that ITV is a channel for morons and mind-numbed zombies interested in ‘talent’ shows full of work-shy idiots
  • Steve
    I couldn't care less. I *hate* football.
  • Codify
    Thank you for your insightful comments, Steve. We can all rest easy tonight after reading your input. P.S. fuck off, you knob.
  • Jonasse
    Steve, but you like the men running around in shorts don't you? Ooooooooooooooh hello!
  • Meh
    LOL - the video has been removed from YouTube because it "contains content from" - no it doesn't. It contains footage of ITV cocking up.

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