It's true, the Michael Jackson charm bracelet can be yours

It's ok, we understand. You thought you'd never recover from the loss of your King of Pop. The tragic death of Michael Jackson caused an outpouring of grief around the world not seen since Richard and Judy left This Morning, and we were all in mourning on that dark day. But as you struggled to reconcile the conflicted emotions within, you finally found hope and serenity in the Michael Jackson commemorative plate.

Alas, it wasn't enough. The spells of loneliness have continued, consuming your very soul. You've struggled to put the pieces of your shattered life back together, unable to listen to the haunting lyrics of Man In The Mirror without crying out every fluid ounce of liquid from your skin. But weep no more. Brooks and Bentley have heard your plea for salvation, and can finally offer you hope for just £39 including postage and packaging:

Yes, it's the MJ Charm Bracelet. Not only can you feel closer to the real Michael Jackson, you can stare down at the curious Tom Thumb-sized trinkets and truly understand the man. Look, there's a white glove, a gold disc and a pair of his favourite shoes. And over there - a Michael Jackson jacket, a hat and a fishing hook or something. Great memories that are yours to keep forever.


  • -Mike H.
    I've heard that pieces fall off and the gold turns white over time.
  • cheerleader
    lol @ a fishing hook! it's a j & if you notice there is an m too.....
  • The B.
    Hold on now, where's the can of Jesus juice, dirty sheets and videos of a dubious nature.
  • pauski
    Bob - looks like there is a double ended dildo tho, the hook might be one of those arse ticklers...
  • Nobby
    If that picture is life size, then it looks more like a cock ring to me.
  • merrrrrrrrrrrr.
    can its not a fishing hook its a musicc note:L
  • denise a.
    PLEASE PLEASE save me a michael jackson charm braclet i LOVE mj soooooo much and i really REALLY want one thanks xxxxx R.I.P michael jackson king of pop. YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!
  • denise a.
    please im only 12 and i REALLY want one!!! im a MASSIVE FAN.
  • (:
    Wow, your name really reflects your personality, Knobby. How about you join Paul and Bob and watch High School Musical as you clearly don't appreciate good music. If you have nothing nice to say, keep your thoughts to yourselves. Plums.
  • brigitte
    wow great...I liked to have one
  • neenee
    I really need one send to me Lake Providence LA 71254 1121 blount street I need i need please thanks lol give me or ill be angry
  • Spotify t.
    I will miss him a lot. I wish he would have lived longer.
  • India
    It's not £39, it's £69. lol. Well at least now it is. I miss you, Michael. RIP <3
  • Stuart
    Ca'mone mo fo---is this the best piece of jewellery ever. India, are you having a laugh- this is a timeless bargain! I am getting one for each wrist & toying with the idea of of converting two more to anlets HE HE
  • Stuart
    PS-- can I get a large one for my neck and a very very small one that can be used as a Prince Albert??
  • Ana
    I would love to have one. But I think I'd lost it.
  • beau
    comment faire pour acheter le bracelet charms michael jackson j'aimerais beaucoup l'avoir merci
  • beau g.
    bonjour , je n'arrive pas à acheter le bracelet charms michael jackson j'aimerais beaucoup l'avoir pourriez vous me dire comment faire et sur quel site merci d'avance.
  • beau g.
    pourriez vous me dire comment faire pour commander le bracelet charms michael jackson et sur quel site
  • Bev L.
    How can I buy this for my Mom? We are both MJ fans.
  • beau g.
    il est impossible de trouver ce b racelet comment faire.
  • Nicole S.
    How can I purchase this charm bracelet? I have been trying to buy it for a couple of years now - there is no information on how to purchase it - I would really like to have one!
  • Marilyn
    Hi All MJ Fans, I know of someone that is selling some of these bracelets for $40.00 (not sure what the shipping cost would be). If you are interested in purchasing please leave me your information here and I will get back to you. It is all for Michael’s Precious LOVE. Loving you so much more, Marilyn (an MJ fan and lover for life)
  • Marilyn
    Michael is an Angel in Heaven!!!!!
  • melody
    Marilyn I want 1
  • Dawn A.
    I have one of these for sale. Never been worn. Charms still in individual packages. Make me an offer x

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