It's the store that beats off all competition

As we discovered on Friday, there's nothing big or clever about shop names the childish minority might snigger at. They're still funny, however. So here's another - lazily ripped off from Twitter/discovered through meticulous research - from a store in Sydney:


@thestevemurdoch via [TwitPic]


  • ace
    Cummin soon to a town near you!!
  • Bill H.
    I'm sure Monica Lewinsky shops there!
  • zeddy
    Now that's one Jizz bag you would be proud to be seen waling down the street with....
  • zeddy
  • Zleet
    So anyone wearing clothes from there is covered in Jizz?
  • Ten B.
    [...] It’s the store that beats off all competition [...]
  • Lineswine
    Oh noes! My labels all have JIZZ on them!

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