"It's someplace very safe..." - Amazon's grotto at Milton Keynes

We missed this last week, but it's definitely worth a look - it's a peek at what lurks within that cavernous warehouse off the M1 near Milton Keynes. It's the offline world of Amazon UK, and it's not unlike the closing scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark (let us never speak of the opening scenes of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on this site). It's order, it's chaos and it's the home to many a canvas featuring cheeky chappie television critic Paul Ross:

Bitterwallet - Amazin UK, Milton Keynes!

[Daily Mail] photo copyright INS


  • Nobby
    It's pretty cool. I always imagine a smart robot zooming off to a specific location everytime you press the payment button on amazon. A bit like argos, although there it is a creature from the underworld that has never seen daylight.
  • derek
    just to add its in bedfordshire, near bedford, which is not far from, but not in, milton keynes
  • derek
    and the paul ross canvas is from the Media Storehouse marketplace seller and is not stocked at the amazon warehouse - aside from that great piccy
  • Paul S.
    "....off the M1 near Milton Keynes" would cover the not-in-Milton-Keynes statement. As there for been no Paul Ross canvas-shaped gold in that warehouse, I'm now a broken man :(
  • derek
    no prob paul, as i'm just living round the corner from the amazon place its a bit frustrating when we always hear "at milton keynes", which is a different town/county. excellent piece, as always! cheers
  • Bullet
    I cant see one worker in that whole picture, unless they are all solid snakes with the box camoflage and are very shy of getting there piccy took.
  • Bullet
    No my bad they are all wearing Orange, maybe Oompa Loompas then borrowed from Mr Wonka for the busy period.
  • Bullet
    I can see 2 standing and talking and not getting on with there work, thats why there will be some dissapointed Paul ross fans come christmas.
  • Bo
    Derek - are you really that bothered that it frustrates you??
  • Ben
    Hey, I work there! Hi mum!
  • Fredrick S.
    Having reading this blog i realize it was helpful in so many ways. Genius!

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