It's our birthday! We are 2 today!

Well - go on, wish us a happy birthday then. Oh, and come back later on today, because we'll be giving away some shiny gadgets in a special birthday competition...

bitterwallet birthday


  • Chralph
    Happy Birthday!!
  • nicster08
    WTF is dis real
  • aadasdada
    i like to bum foxes
  • Poosan B.
    Happy Birthday BW! I very much like the idea of people giving me gadgets on their birthday! More people should do it!
  • luke
    Well done Paul, Paul, Andy and not forgetting Vince he wrote some great articles too....4178 subscribers eh?! you have come a long way since starting up! Air 5s all around x (homo)
  • luke
    sorry and mof gimmers, ive never seen u there before but well done also!
  • chalky
    Happy birthday chaps. If the shiny gadgets are the same as the one she's sitting in, can I have a dvd instead? Cheers
  • hippy1001
    Happy Birthday! The girl in the picture looks hot! Shame its her time of the month. Hope you have another 2 years of insightful articles :)
  • Late
    Happy Birthday, BW!
  • Sue
    penblwydd hapus i chi happy birthday to you
  • diked
    What a fukcing battyman............ its your 2nd birthday, you aint got shizzle on HUKD, respect big brother HUKD and suck upto JB, she might let you have moody asb, who might post increasing views because he is depressed as he is a 60 year old virigin. Oh yeah happy b'day, Sigma the MILF gave Paul a BJ for his b'day
  • zacspeed
    happy birthday bell-ends!
  • akiss
    Can't wait till you get older BW so I don't have to keep changing your damn nappy.
  • Ben
    Well done for not getting shut down by the authorities! Power to the people! Seriously though, happy birthday. You've lasted about two years longer than most of my 'projects'.
  • professor p.
    congratulations. enjoy the sandwich maker.
  • andy y.
    Yes,you are certainly 2 years old
  • Darren
    Happy B-DAY BW. gimmie gimmie gimmie the gadgets!!
  • zeddy
    I don't find this funny. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Birthdays are no laughing matter. How would you like it if someone else celebrated their birthday in this way? HB
  • zeddy
    Oh! I get the picture! You are jammy cunts?
  • diGriz
    Your present is in the post. If you don't recieve it then it's probably with the book about trolleys and Dolly Mixtures that you were going to send to me for the trolley picture that I gave you. Happy Birthday. (I'd still really like that book though) Kisses.
  • DragonChris
    Congrats guys on making it to 2 years. Keep it up!
  • DrTrouserPlank
    Looks like some sort of bizarre scat-themed celebration.
  • Mark
    Unless its a next tablet, I'm not interested.
  • Sassie
    I'm going to buy my kids a Bitterwallet t-shirt for Christmas
  • The B.
    Congratulations on spending 2 years not having a meltdown.
  • PaulH
    WTF DIS IS REAL!! Happy Birthday Bitterwallet - may your next 2 years pass as swiftly and as pleasantly as the hundred-years war :p
  • Internet T.
    Well done - another year without dying
  • Paul C.
    Congrats guys! Let's see how far you can push the barrier this year. Who can forget the highlights of this year - the iPhone, the iPhone and the iPhone. I don't make a point of following many blogs, and certainly not for this amount of time. Your irreverent humour, political incorrectness and readership that belongs on the register, make it worthwhile. When am I going to get that writing spot, again? Once again, many happy returns
  • Michael A.
    Well done, you've progressed past the shitting yourself phase. You're now firmly in the screaming until you vomit, or get your own way phase.
  • Smart-Alec
    Happy Birthday Bitterwallet... if you see that girl.. just tell her she's got a bit of food, ya know, on her face there..
  • Father H.
    Once again your news is way behind other blogs... "This Blog is 2 Years Old Today!!!" was posted elsewhere months ago. ;)
  • jo
    congrats BW! Your website is my very favourite and one of the only few I try to check everyday, the mister and I love it and make a point of writing in every so often. Keep up the super articles!
  • The B.
    Good Lord, is that a woman? On Bitterwallet? Surely some mistake? I thought BW was full of sad, misogynistic males like myself?
  • Wesencraft
    Yes, yes, so you're 2. Well done. I, on the other hand, am 39 today. Now let's see the shiny shiny things.
  • christy
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITTERWALLET . I find myself laughing like a loon in the smoking room at work reading your stuff.
  • Numpty
    A jam tart
  • Mark M.
    Oh my god, I can't believe you copied this article from ...... Happy Birthday
  • RichardRambles
    Happy Birthday BW. Keep up the mediocre work.

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