It's official! And unsurprising! 3 are worst for customer service

Bitterwallet - 3 logoDon't pretend you're surprised. We're not. 3 has been rated the worst mobile network operator for customer service by consumer superheroes Which! - but they're not alone. Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone also sucked and blew.

It was Which!'s survey of the UK’s top 75 service providers in which the mobile operator was given just 2/5 for its ability to communicate effectively to customers, 2/5 at making the customer feel valued and 2/5 for its ability to deal with customer problems.

Over 10,000 members were quizzed in the poll, which bore out what most of us suspected anyway; the UK’s five mobile network operators, as a whole, aren't very good. Ranked out of 75 companies, the results for customer service were:

O2 24/75
Vodafone 57/75
T-Mobile 59/75
Orange 62/75
3 69/75

Across all 75 companies that were rated, internet bank First Direct was the number-one-ranked brand for customer service, while AOL Broadband swept in at the bottom - something for 3 to aim for next year, then.



  • dacouch
    Spot the obvious error in the rankings...
  • M4RKM
    At a guess, that list make 3 the BEST in cutomer service...
  • JJMcClure
    The rankings are places in table of 75 companies. 3 were 69th out of 75 companies.
  • fazlad
    so 02 actually head and shoulders above the rest of their market then? I've only ever been with T-Mobile (was originally with one-to-one) and have a lifetime half price contract. As I don't really want to break that contract I've stuck with them - however I have noticed them becoming progressively shite the last two or three years. Plus their choice in handsets come renewal is wank.
  • paul
    @dacouch & @M4RKM You both fail...
  • M4RKM
    I'll wake up next time. Doh!!
  • Touchwood
    Bizarrely my most recent experience of 3's Customer Service ( a couple of days ago) was better than I could have hoped as I was offered twice as much data per month as my initial agreement stated. Result!
  • qwertyuiop
    They still suck huge donkey penis. It might help if their customer service department was based in this country, rather than some remote part of india where the inhabitants are not taught common courtesy (or basic english for that matter!)
  • Justin M.
    qwertyuiop has said it before I had the chance. Explaining anything to their Indian call centre is hard work.
  • Chris c.
    After reading your article the other day on 3 cutting their 2G services I too rang them up after suffering major losses in service since October. Luckily my wife's contract was up so we cancelled and moved elsewhere... however I've still got a year to go. The person I spoke to was, for once, extremely helpful and friendly. He apologies and said it was "their fault" for turning off the signals and was nothing down to the handset or anything I was doing (well I know that, but they do always try to blame the end user don't they!!!) He passed on my details to their 'technical team' who deal with problems with the signal etc... and told me to "tell them what you want. if you want to cancel then that is ok, if you want something else then think of it and ask for it".... well you know what option I shall choose. I was promised a call back within 72hrs........ that was on Monday..... Maybe there is snow in India?

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