It's like Jim'll Fix It never ended...

Some footage of people trying to eat ice cream on a rollycoaster? On a ferociously slow news day? Hell yeah! Thanks Cadburys!


  • Amanda H.
    There's a very similar video on Youporn. Though you Apple boys wouldn't know about that.
  • Martino
    bitterwallet is fast becoming another
  • zacspeed
    Moneyshot anyone?
  • wonky h.
    I bum foxes.
  • Steve B.
    Take away the ice creams and it looks like a scene from "Rollercoater Bukkake 3"
  • Steve B.
    Note the Freudian slip. Of course I meant Rollercoaster, but now feel Rollercoater is possibly more apt.
  • shinkyshonky
    cheap version of Cum shots

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