It's going to be a seriously unsexy Halloween...

11803311x Bitterwallet reader Moazzam emailed us over the weekend with a link to this ‘Sexy Witch’ costume that is currently available for pre-order through

Moazzam added: “Saw this and thought of you!” Like we’re a gang of perverts who spend all our time hunting out flimsy excuses to run pictures of women in even flimsier garments. As if.

It’s a nonsense assumption of course, but luckily, there’s an important consumer angle, so we’re happy to mention it, as well as show you the picture in question. Mmmm, sexy witch.

As Moazzam points out: “It’s due for release for Friday the 30th of October, [but] what are the chances of it getting to you for Saturday? Especially due to the postal strike? It’s a scam I tell ya!!!”

Too right pal – there’s going to be a lot of disappointed witches this Halloween who’ll be going round either in their shabby old costumes or wearing nothing at all. Brings a new meaning to the age-old phrase ‘colder than a witch’s tit…’

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  • Rob
    As it is from play it will probably not turn up until Christmas, regardless of the postal strikes.
  • Phil
    And even if it did turn up at Christmas, you can guarantee that the broomstick would be sent separately and arrive sometime around May. Play can't ship anything quickly, yet other outfits based on Jersey/Guernsey seem to have no trouble getting stuff to you on the release day (and still offer free postage). The final straw for me with was when they sent me my Rock Band instruments via courier (which arrived on the day of release) and the game by Royal Mail (which arrived a couple of days later), even though the order was placed at the same time. I went and bought the game in town and sent theirs back when it arrived.
  • Bo
    I find Play really quick when delivering
  • In f.
    Tsk tsk @ everyone! There's ANOTHER Halloween next year!
  • fullmoon
    I bought quite a few items from PLAY.COM before. They never (I mean never. not even for once) arrived in less than a week. So if you don't need something urgent and want to save some money then buy from PLAY.COM
  • me
    Based on play.coms packaging, whoevers dressing up as this better have some magic power to piece it all back together when it arrives!
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] is almost here and it’s getting colder than a witch’s tit out there. It’s only going to get worse as winter’s cruel, frozen fingers encase us by the [...]
  • Tam
    That's weird, everything I order from Play turns up within a couple of days. Sounds like not everyone's as lucky as me!
  • iCock
    I've got this one... And I'll tell you..... my boyfriend bones the living shite out of me when I wear it for him. I wear it for him often :D
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I'd give that ‘Sexy Witch" a cream pie if she cums to my house.
  • Nanci S.
    I like the idea of going back to the basic Halloween outfits, with so many to choose from I can never decide so back to basics for me!

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