It's dinnertime! Anyone for a sandwich? No?

Bitterwallet - shit sandwich

"A friend bought this in a shop in Bolton," says avid Bitterwallet reader DarthBlingBling. "Would you eat it?" Dunno about you, but we'll pass and wait for teatime.


  • samuri
    looks like a rash on a gash
  • Martin
    It's a dodgy dark photo of what is probably sausage with onion relish. If it was a better photo and at a different angle it'd look better.
  • Fat S.
    hmmmm shit sandwich... Does it come with chips ?
  • The B.
    If you're into that sort of thing just google coprophilia, please don't post it here any more.
  • The B.
    Or you can Google Somerset College of Art and Technology:
  • greg
    i thought it was a shit in a woman's shoe
  • oliverreed
    As (previously) eaten by Vernon Kay?

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