It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming... MFI's coming home




  • Whois S.
    So who bought them? Do they own enough chipboard to make a go of it? I got my first mobile phone from an offer at MFI : analogue motorola on Vodafone it was, with a pull out aerial
  • Nobby
    No doubt they will still be allowed to say "since 1964", even though it is a completely different company that has just bought the name and they stopped trading for a period. And when does the first sale start? I reckon they will have a "re-opening sale" showing what the prices will go up to after an introductory period, followed by another sale which brings these prices back to what they were during the first sale.
  • The B.
    @Whois Sylvia, was it black with a flip out mouthpiece, circa 1995/6? If so, snap but on Orange.
  • John I.
    "One of the most eagerly anticipated events in the UK retail calendar" ..."lol" is all there is to say to that.
  • Ballu
  • Nobby
    Interesting, a post to paid subscriber only content. That's useful.
  • BobF
    Agree with JP2 there, everything these days is "eagerly anticipated" or "a phenomenon" or "a hit that has everyone talking", so much so that its meaningless.
  • Mark
    Well I for one welcome our new(ish) slightly inferior chipboard overlords. If only so that I can take my rubbish old MFI wardrobe back there and set fire to it in their car park.
  • tin
    @nobby just search google for the Retail Week headline and for some mysterious reason it becomes free... I doubt the poster knew it was sub only.
  • saz
    @Mark: I totally agree with you there, my wardrobe is all flimsy and it wasn't cheap either. It'll be hard to change peoples' opinions of MFI being cheap and tacky haha.

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