It'll change your life, or end it - the steering wheel table

Time once again to drink the sweet, sweet nectar from Amazon's brimming cup, and praise the global community for their sterling efforts in highlighting the bargains therein. Today we bring you the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk:

Bitterwallet - the steering wheel desk

Truly amazing. No doubt intended for use when the car is at rest, it was doomed the moment it hit the page. There are more photos of the product on Amazon, but they're not quite as satisfying as those uploaded by customers:

Bitterwallet - entirely expected side-affect of the steering wheel table

And of course, the reviews are required reading.


  • Tom P.
    So i can drive my car and watch Charlie's Anals on my lappy at the same time? Brill!!
  • Alan
    I think all lorry drivers use these anyway.
  • Steve G.
    Not much chance of getting that contraption between my oversized belly and the steering wheel
  • YouKnowWho
    And Steve I've seen your Belly...its ( deep breath ) HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGEEEEEEEEEEE!!! You cause so many accidents though writing random bollocks on BDPL site, that you not only upset your fellow 'amateur' pool players, you make women drivers look like Jenson Button.
  • drive a.
    Honestly, I love Jenson Button! He's so bright

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