IT firm boobs with job ad, blames "disgruntled" ex-employee

If you're going to post a job advert online, careful who knows about it. Seems like the very specific job spec and requirement for a strip search may have been the actions of a "disgruntled former employee". No shit, Sherlock:

Bitterwallet - IT Developer wanted



  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I don't have DD cup breasts. But I do have a slim waist and I'm a tight twat. Am I eligible for this post?
  • barry w.
    I need to meet the candidates... Its time for love
  • ScottC
    Haha brilliant - what boob would put "develoOper" in a job ad! Oh, how I laughed.
  • Darren
    I love the Pre-employment Strip search at the end... so not only do you have to have the boobs, but the body as well...
  • Jack T.
    I don't get it. Is the 'ability to handle analytical problems' some sort of euphemism?
  • The B.
    Borrowing liberally from The Register again.
  • Nobby
    I know a few blokes that have DD cup breasts and are tight twats. It's obviously a joke. Wodonga. Is that a woman's version of a dong?
  • Kevin
    This would make the next series of Apprentice more interesting!
  • Steven W.
    [...] IT firm boobs with job ad, blames “disgruntled” ex-employee … [...]

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