It could only happen in Walmart… part 241

Exciting CCTV footage has reached us shot in an unnamed Walmart store from across the pond. We see a man and his lady friend doing the weekly shop, which is pretty straightforward but for the fact that she is half-carked on booze or other illicit substances.

We’re hoping that they arrived in the store as a duo and that he didn’t find her slumped on the floor among the salty snacks before deciding to bundle her into the trolley then look for her barcode once they reached the checkout.

Why not get your loved one shit-faced this weekend before pushing her around your local supermarket, filming the whole thing for the amusement of Bitterwallet readers? Oh, go on…


  • Luke O.
    ha ha, this reminds me of what usually goes on after a night out, always end up in the local supermarket pissed up buying crap that I don't need, except I don't pass out ha ha
  • zleet
    "Price check on drunk slag."
  • Steve
    I'd buy THAT for a dollar!
  • David
    Reminds me of my first wife that
  • Felacio N.
    Fucking fascinating. Coming up shortly on Bitterwallet: Drunk Girl in Drinking Establishment. Read all about it.
  • Maude
    It looks like he's just managed to get the Rohypnol into her but then remembered he had to pick up some last minute sundries before heading home to rape her.
  • Larry L.
    At around 1:50, someone (possibly the guy shooting) says "It'll be funny later". But he's lying. It never gets funny.

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