It Asda be Asda, unless you're in Turkey

See, simple English tourist? It says it's Asda, so it must be Asda - just like where you live in the UK, right? Admittedly, there's a rather more extensive range of inflatable rings and beach towels and the newspapers will gladly rip the arse out your wallet, but all in all, yes. It's definitely Asda. No two ways about it:


  • Simon
    In Turkey there is a chain of supermarkets called Azda. There's a Morrison's where the staff wear Morrison's polos and we also spotted a Tesco Express. They'll pick up on anything English to sell you stuff.
  • reel
    Its better than our asdas - I cant see any abandoned trolleys and there arent any groups of chavs standing outside spitting on the floor
  • Mustafa
    It's quite funny as the Turkish word "az"/"as" (pronounced 'uzz') means 'little' or 'few'. It could also be an interpretation of 'Cheap Shop' haha.
  • Zarquon
    Kalkan in Turkey had a Tesko supermarket, until it was leant on by the heavies from Tesco - it now goes under the name of Tescom...
  • Zarquon
    Which should, of course, read Teskom... doh!
  • Giles
    Olu Deniz, Turkey has a Tesko, Azda and others...

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