Is typing a pain? Take the strain with these exercises

Nothing necessarily consumer related here, more of a life hack to prevent some general unpleasantness if you spend all day at a computer. You might have suffered or be suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome - it's a particularly nasty problem that can cause pins and needles and shooting pains in the hand and fingers, a result of nerves being compressed in your wrist.

If it's causing you difficulty when you work, then stop short of hacking both hands off and try these exercises instead. The video is intended to help drummers, but Boing Boing writer Richard Metzger has tried and tested the simple routines and seen a big improvement in just a few days:



  • Gemma
    Carpal tunnel isn't caused by injury so that makes little sense.
  • MattS
    He's not saying carpal tunnel is caused by injury, he's saying it IS an injury.
  • Clapton A.
    Picturesque trees, sweet bird song and the cute twink, David Kuckhermann! Sadly he remains fully dressed in this video!
  • meh
    I totally misunderstood illness. You only have to google to see this how mis diagnosed it is.

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