Is this the world's greatest in-store display ever?

Bitterwallet - what a great Sellecktion

The answer is yes. Good day to you.



  • markymark
    Hair weave. Gay moustache.
  • dvdj
    Tom Selleck has a very trust-worthy face.
  • Michael
    Slow news day? :p
  • Paul S.
    Have you ever read this blog before?
  • CynicalBast
    What, no "Three Men and a Baby"?
    [...] 4. Is this the world’s most brilliant, brilliant display, ever? It is if you like Tom Selleck – Bitterwallet [...]
  • Rodney R.
    Damn, thought it was Tom Berringer and got excited for nuthin.
  • Dick
    That's a lot of copies of Thin Ice. Well, four. Which is more than enough for anyone.

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