Is this the new Groupon?

Unless you've been living under a virtual rock or never visit HUKD, you probably have heard of Groupon. They've been on a bit of a tear worldwide over the past year having expanded to every conceivable city in the US and bought out CityDeal over here to have a presence in most European markets.

Their business model of a deal per day in major cities has been criticised as not having enough growth opportunity (where do you go when you've got the cities tapped out and only one small business revenue opportunity per day) and it seems they have been making recent moves to address that.

A few days ago it was reported that Groupon would be adding the ability for merchants to upload and manage their own deal page instead of relying on Groupon sales agents and the Daily Deal homepage. That way Groupon could have every merchant running deals all the time regardless of homepage bookings for the locality.

To accommodate this move it seems Groupon may be experimenting with a new layout for the site that features multiple merchants and experiences in a city. A tipster sent us the urls and both of which offer a list of locations with a menu subset for eating, wellness and activities. All of the merchants listed on these test sites have lengthy descriptions and a spot for their active deal.


As this was sent to us without background we're speculating here about it being the new face of Groupon. It's possible this could be out in the wild for other reasons like experimenting with organic search traffic or landing pages but it seems reasonable to think this could be the new direction Groupon is headed in.


  • Paul C.
    At least they're not Groupola, eh? Did they ever get their comeuppance? I always thought they got away rather lightly for their iPhone freebie japes...
  • Coupon B.
    [...] are dozens of websites attempting to copy the wildly successful group-buying website Groupon (even Groupon themselves). Few have managed to go the course (including our friends at Groupola), but there’s one [...]

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