Is this the future of call centres?

There are only three things in life that are certain – death, taxes and the fact that we all hate ringing call centres. But technology could be about to improve things and this could be the future of call centre interaction.

A Swedish agency called B-Reel have pioneered a new online interface for 3 that will let sales reps show potential customers the products they’re trying to flog them by dragging them on to the screen, showing off its features and sealing the deal by doing the online checkout part for the customer.

Like being in a shop but in your home. They might even do a little dance for you if you ask them nicely enough.

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  • greg
    Is this some kind of anonymous organisation that only allows birdseye view shots of its staff? Let the dog see the rabbit man! My experience with call centres would improve dramatically if I knew I was conversing with a blonde Swedish bombshell with massive knockers.
  • Sam
    Oh the horror!
  • Zleet
    Err.......Is this a late April fools? If you have the facility to go online and the ability to navigate a website why do you then need to ask some random Swedish call-centre worker to add an unnecessary step do everything on a minority report screen? Also the bloke at 38 seconds in freaks me out, looks like he's wearing someone else's skin as a mask.
  • Noway
    That guy cant be for real, no wonder he works "back-office".

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