Is this the end of solicitor slagging website?

Bitterwallet-Len-Dastard-featuredHola amigos. It is I, Len Dastard, retired (and imaginary) Mexican lucha libre turned full time litigation executive who loves to right for you, my hermanos y hermanas. You know the drill by now. I talk, you listen. Got that?  Good. Let us not waste anymore of my time...

We first brought you news of solicitor slagging website "Solicitors from Hell" here. Briefly, the website allows disgruntled clients to leave a review of their solicitor if they believe that they have been shoddy in any aspect of their work.

Last week the Law Society sent a Letter of Claim (setting out their claim and providing evidence) to website owner Rick Cordowski insisting that he must close his site down or face legal action for defamation, harassment and breach of the Data Protection Act.  The action is being brought by the Law Society on behalf of 300 individual solicitors. A spokeman for the Law Society has said "Not all solicitors defamed on the website can afford the time and trouble to bring a case themselves, and the Law Society is taking every possible step to protect our members and the public interest".

This is not the first case that has been brought against Rick Cordowski in relation to his website. He has already been sued 16 times for libel and has an outstanding damages award against him for roughly £150,000. Rick Cordowski appealed two of these decisions last week and both of these applications were lost.

The actual concept of the website is a good one. However, one of the major problem faced by solicitors is client confidentiality. How can a solicitor address a review on a website if the review centred around a "bad result" from their case? From experience, you cannot please every single client and some cases will have an unhappy ending. However, no doubt some of these reviews are based on awful experiences and possibly a balance needs to be struck.

As soon as we hear of any further developments on this issue we will let you know.

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  • Idi A.
    Humbug! The Law Society is protecting its cabal; "public interest" is the last thing on its mind.
  • Brad
    "Not all solicitors defamed on the website can afford the time and trouble to bring a case themselves" Yeah fills you with confidence about solicitors in general going that extra mile for you when they cant do it on their own behalf.
  • Len D.
    Brad - the Law Society are bringing a "class action" on behalf of solicitors. That means that the courts limited resources will not have to receive, list and hear 300 individual cases of the exact same nature.

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