Is this shirt the worst item of clothing ever made?

Are you blind and wealthy? Then you may be interested in the worst item of clothing ever made:

worst item of clothing ever

This hideous 90-shirts-in-1 garment is currently being sold at Topman. Unsurprisingly, it's in the sale. More surprising is that it has been reduced from £175 to £90. It has been thrown together by the blind tailors of Soulland Shahverdi who have really made an astonishing piece of clothing that  is horrific enough from the front alone and, staggeringly, gets even more disgusting when you peer round the back. It also seems to be 30ft long for absolutely no reason at all.

If you think you can find an item of clothing worse than this, then please share it with the class in the comments. Sick buckets will not be provided.


  • Jonny S.
    Hey I've got one of those!
  • PaulH
    I suppose if you're straight out of Uni and think your "cool" and "different" then you would probably want one of twerps!
  • Stevie W.
    I don't see anything wrong with it. Head over to Oki for some more quality clothing at affordable prices.
  • Bex
    "It also seems to be 30ft long for absolutely no reason at all"...hilarious!!
  • Dwayne C.
    u fking cnt dat shirt tis hard innit....go wit my corsa wheels, burb cap + trackies
  • -]
    Except that type of clothing isn't worn by "chavs" (who wouldn't be seen dead in it) but by middle-class student and 20somethings. Stereotype fail is fail. I like the length, the rest of it is horrendous.
  • Stewie G.
    It looks like sick
  • Cy B.
    They've probably got another 89 of them made from the same fabrics - just not quite in the same places. Unique? One-off? Designer?
  • Zebsy
    ROFL - horrendous. Thanks for sharing! ;]
  • ivan_the_inebriated
    Made of 100% recycled materials (from various shop returns.)
  • G_sus
    Surely the Liverpool FC kit is the worst item of clothing ever made Hur Hur Hurr Quality saving though
  • Junkyard
    Not enough wolves or moons on it for my liking.
  • Paul C.
    It's not something chavs would wear you fools. In fact - its probably something the 'cool' kids would wear trying to emulate early 90's ravers as its 'retro'. I'm sure I saw the one who isn't Mr c from the Shamen wear something similar. And perhaps Jack Beats, but I could be imagining that last one.
  • big b.
    it's bad but...
  • DP
    All you need to do is get chucked out of your home by your missus, wait until she cuts your clothes up and throws them out onto the street, then superglue them together (no glue? then borrow some off your local tramp).
  • marlboro m.
    damn out of stock in XL I was gonna buy it and turn it into 4 useable shirts :D
  • Nobby
    We all know the reason for the length. It's to cover up those embarassing piss marks on your trousers when you thought you had finished and then find out you hadn't.
  • Chef R.
    You think that's untasteful. Go and look at anything bearing the name Ed Hardy. I think people only wear this stuff in the confines of their home because I don't recall seeing anyone in public wearing it. If I did, I would point at them and laugh.
  • JbS
    I think the inspiration for this must have been the similarly dross items of clothing H&M put out for their 'highly anticipated' collaboration with Commes des Garcons

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