Is this a time traveller? Wearing a slanket? Yes. Yes it is.

Not so long ago, the world was shook by the revelation that time travellers had been caught on film during the 1928 production of a Charlie Chaplin film.

The sensational claim, which was completely rational in every way, was based on footage of a heavily disguised time traveller using a mobile phone. No, it wasn't a hand-sized hearing aid, so don't come bothering us with your wild conspiracy theories, alright?

Now, Bitterwallet can exclusively reveal further proof that soldiers of time are invading our past, in the form of the 1985 Argos catalogue. As avid Bitterwallet reader David clearly points out:

You can see a (albeit disguised) Slanket which the woman in the picture has clearly taken back in time since the Slanket wasn't invented until 1998. Can't wait for the experts to get their hands on this evidence.

Bitterwallet - slanket in 1985
And look! An A-Team bedspread in 1985 - quarter of a century before the film was even released! If THAT isn't proof of time travel, frankly we don't know what is.


  • Darren
    ZZZZ the A-Team (TV Series 1983–1987) WTF Is this for real? Slow News Day? Foxes?
  • Peter T.
    Darren, did you not get the joke?
  • Steve
    There was a TV show? Wow. How did I miss that.
  • Richard M.
    I think that my sides are about to split...
  • Darren
    OH it was a joke? I must have forgot to laugh while they where having fun with foxes....
  • Internet T.
    This is about as funny as a dead cat
  • will
    dead cat in a clown costume?
  • Doberman B.
    Dead cats are funny especially if it was my neighbours cat the keeps shitting in my garden.BTW cat owners as soon as you let your cat out all your neighbours are checking the internet for tips on how to destroy the fucker.Or at the very least going to B&Q for a cat scarer. Anyway get to JML for one of these.
  • klingelton
    @doberman - if you're trying to be funny, you're not. If you're being serious - wtf is wrong with you? why would you want to deny someone else of the simple pleasure of pet ownership by offing their beloved? What sort of fucked up world do you live inside your head where you dream of murdering cats? That cat is probably adding some value to your property by fertilising your soil and keeping the vermin down. I hope for your sake that you never bump into me, because your kitty murderous intentions will get more than a slap from me, that i will promise. Wanker.
  • weirdo
    ^^^^ serious cat loving
  • Internet T.
    ^^^ ^^^ Clearly into cat bumming
  • Doberman B.
    @ klingelton Are you a spinster ?
  • Nobby
    I find it amazing that scientists in the future invented time travel, and went back in time to 1989 and made Quantum Leap to tell scientists working in 1989 how to do it. Even now, scientists have still not realised how to do it.
  • Paul S.
    Sam Beckett was responsible for many aspects of modern culture - I fear if scientists continue to fail to pay heed to his example, civilization is doomed.
  • brian
    Do not leave a dish of anti-freeze out in the garden as cats drink it.
  • no k.
    I find not only do carpet grippers placed on the top of your fence panels stop burglers it means my borders no longer contain cat shit win f^cking win. Dark panels hide the blood as well awsome
  • Steve k.
    ^^^^^^ I'm off around this guys place with a coat to place over his grippers, anyone who goes to that much trouble has got to have something worth nicking. Particularly at this time of year.
  • tin
    that was the poshest rendition of WTF IS DIS REAL? I have ever read.

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