Is that a direct quote from Wayne Rooney then?

Who says that Americans don't fully understand the nuances of the English way of doing language and that? See this utterly majestic headline from Fox Sports' website over Wayne Rooney's impending departure from the Manchester United soccerball company...

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  • Nobby
    It's amazing what journalists will publish these days. No doubt the British press will now run stories on Rooney saying w***ers (and that will be their stars, not mine, I'd just say wankers but this is the British press)
  • Playback
    SO who do we believe about this story? Is it rubbish or is there some truth? What do the bitterwallet team know about this. Your avid readers want to know. And us non-avid ones as well.
  • Nobby
    Truth doesn't matter. Now other journos can say "Report says Rooney called Ferguson and the Glazers wankers".
  • PokeHerPete
    Rooney had a terrible Soccer World Series, he didn't even manage to strike the ball into the net once and was left lagging on every Great Britain offense. Judging by his form I bet he wouldn't have been able to score a PK. Great Britain really needed David Beckham to strike them some FK's and Michael Owen to get a few head balls. Just my two cents, y'all.
  • Gadget 4.
    Rutgers DT paralyzed from neck down, puts rooney into perspective.
  • Jonny S.
    Like it PokeHerPete!
  • Twat
    Lol...its still there! :D
  • Nobby
    "Man dies after being hit in head by golf ball" is quite funny too.
  • Nobby
    The newspaper said the striker, who earns £90,000 (US$144,000) a week, has halted negotiations on a new deal and told the club he will not sign a new contract, which would force it to either sell Rooney in the January transfer window or lose him at the end of the season for no fee. ----- So Man Utd have quite a while to turn things around, since apparently the season doesn't finish until June 2012.
  • hirdyesh
    wayne n brba wil lead unted to success

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