Is there a worse piece of football merchandising than Why Aye Man?

Newcastle United have been taking some flak this week, after their decision to allow payday loan syndicate Wonga to emblazon its name across the sacred black and white soccerball shirts. The club is reeling under the weight of criticism from all sides, especially as the current economic climate is

But there’s someone out there who can make a difference, someone who can come to the rescue of the Toon Army in their hour of need… or something. Yes, it’s WHY AYE MAN!


Yours for only £49.99 from the Newcastle United website (the wig is an extra fiver). The Wonga deal is obviously a smokescreen to divert attention away from the fact that the club are flogging this crap.

Do YOU know of a worse piece of official club merchandising? Link us up please and we’ll put together a hall of shame of footballing tat…


  • Google
    they want to make all their supporters look like dicks as well as being dicks for flogging out £50 to look like dicks,......dicks
  • Chester
    No need for the outfit as it's easy to spot morons as they all wear soccer tops.
  • Ian
    @Chester - Saying soccer makes you sound like a moron. Moron.
  • Frank
  • shaz
    WM = WongaMan!!!
  • David H.
    The wigs and extra fiver! £55 to look like a cunt, way aye man, they fucking saw you coming like.
  • Dick
    @Chester. Geordies don't wear tops.
  • LancerVancer
    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its WTF-man!!
  • seventiesman
    I think this is pretty cool if you want to look like the man in Boney M!!
  • seventiesman
    ma ma ma baker! or what?
  • seventiesman
    ra ra rasputin!
  • Would L.
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  • Phil K.
    The dumbness of the replies and the original article show you can't go far wrong in underestimating the IQ of rival fans ! Its whats called humour. Self-mocking. Newcastle fans have been in fits over this for a few weeks now. No doubt many sneering above will dress in the full strip of their own team to go to a match Now that IS amusingly moronic. This is not meant to be taken seriously. (While many of the above HAVE)
  • scott w.
    Its fits a market, plenty of fans go to games in fancy dress so why not do it while showing your support? Its clever business and a bit of fun, if you don't find it funny erm.. Don't buy it?

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