"Is that Seven Sevens Taxis? It's about your phone number..."

"Hello, is that Seven Sevens Taxis?"

"No, you've got the wrong number, sorry."

"But I dialled seven 7s and that's the name of the taxi company. They're called Seven Sevens. Available 24... seven. Have you heard of them?"


"Good, I'd like a taxi then, please."

"No, we're not Seven Sevens Taxis. You need to dial a different number for them."

"Oh. Do you know the number?"

"Yes, it's Seven 6s."

"Seven 6s? But they're called Seven Sevens. That doesn't make a lick of sense."

"Fucking tell me about it."

Bitterwallet - Seven Seven Taxis

[TwitPic] thanks to @editorialgirl


  • Nick T.
    Photoshop? It even says 777-7777 on the sides of the cars. And there's no apostrophe in "Seven's".
  • bobblehead
    not a photoshop.... I saw that too and thought it a bit odd. The number is sevens so I reckon the designer was having a laugh and forgot to correct it.
  • Ian
    a quick google shows they use both the seven 7s and the seven 6's
  • TeflonMan
    "And there’s no apostrophe in “Seven’s”." No, the typo is elsewhere. The company belongs to a man called Sven Seven.
  • Alexis
    Eh? Seven Sevens is my local taxi firm in Eccles
  • Luckman H.
    There is a apostrophe
  • Seven B.
    There is a apostrophe in Seven Seven's, What are you goes talking about?
  • Seven B.
  • nick
    the best of the best
  • Winspeir
    Two drug sellers own seven sevens in walkden they joined mainline to launder drug money

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