Is That Poison In Your Brow? It Is? You're Hired?

It seems that demented job-hunters are going to any lengths to haul themselves back on to the career ladder – with chemical youthification a big favourite in 2008. What do you mean you’ve never heard of the phrase ‘chemical youthification?’

According to the sharp-shooters at the Daily Express, botox and collagen sales have soared in the past year by almost 300%, “as men and women try to improve their chances in the volatile job market.”

Them’s their words not ours. We’re not often down at the job centre but we’re fairly sure there’s a distinct lack of DIY Botoxers hanging around offering to pump your face full of god knows what in order to help you get a much-needed career boost.

But whatever lengths you feel you have to go to in order to get that job, please don’t try THIS at home…

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