Is Stella Artois really launching a new lager called Wifebeatre? No.

You'd have to be mental to believe that Stella Artois would ever launch a premium 17% version of their lager called 'Wifebeatre'. Mental. And even if you entertained the notion for more than a second, the obviously fictional quotes from the company's marketing director would end any doubt that the idea was nonsense:

At 17% abv, we’re confident that ‘Wifebeatre’ is really going to pack a punch.

The British have always admired the French. We love their chic style, their joie de vivre and their willingness to drink all day and abuse strangers. As a brand we want to tap into those values and claw back some of the ground we’ve recently lost to meths and Toilet Duck.

Yet that still hasn't stopped The Marketing Blog - a website that reports on genuine news stories about marketing and social media - from reporting the story as fact. They even link to the original story - which was published on NewsBiscuit. Props!

Bitterwallet - The Market Blog


  • Alexis
    It's supposed to be Belgian, not French.
  • Le B.
    Ce qu'il a dit, il est Belge.
  • Dick
    It's obvisouly not true. 17%. Never.
  • Flemmy
    exactement, il est Belge! / precies, het is de Belgische

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