Is someone posing as Zavvi on eBay, and why don't Zavvi care?

Zavvi When a customer tells a retailer about a security breach, you'd probably expect them to take action. Not at Zavvi it seems, where something is badly broken with either their eBay operation or their customer services.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Rob contacted us last Tuesday about an issues with Zavvi's account. He pointed us to this product on eBay, a Viewsonic notebook, and suggested we follow the "Questions and Answers about this item" link. If you do, you'll be asked to send your questions to a MSN address:

Bitterwallet - Zavvi eBay hacked?

A quick Google reveals the same email address cropping up for product sales elsewhere on the web. It would seem that either Zavvi has its fingers in random sales operations elsewhere, or that something is amiss with their eBay account.

Rob queried this with Zavvi through his online account ten days ago; it took Zavvi until last Friday to respond - a full week later - and confirm that their eBay account had been compromised:

"I have looked into this for you and confirm that due to hacking recently messaging has not been working correctly. I can confirm this has since been resolved and we are fully able respond to queries."

You can see that response for yourself here. So Zavvi's account had been 'hacked' according to customer services, but they hadn't fixed the issue at all - somebody was still apparently passing themselves off as Zavvi on their own account. Rob contacted them again, and received a near-identical response to say the problem has once more been fixed.

But yet again, it hasn't been fixed - go to any item that Zavvi are selling through eBay, click on the Questions and Answers link at the bottom of the page, and select the topic - there's that MSN address that plenty of customers are no doubt contacting.

So are Zavvi knowingly trading and directing customers to a MSN account? That'd be unusual for such a major retailer. Or has their account been compromised? We'll be contacting Zavvi direct to find out what the issue is and whether it requires resolving.


  • Tom
    I am sure that it is stated in ebay's rules you can't do external sales.
  • Robert
    If their account has been comprised then the hackers could have changed the Paypal address to their own and so maybe that should be checked
  • Rob
    Feedback seems ok so not sure how far the 'hack' has gone. Still not got an answer nor is it changed yet!
  • Rob
    Well they've finally fixed it, only took them over a week!

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