Is government aggro map leading to drop in crime figures?

burglar The government thought they were carrying out a valuable public service when they launched their online crime map back in February, but they could end up being the biggest winners themselves if it leads to an artificial drop in reported crimes.

According to research from Direct Line, more than 5.2 million people have not reported crimes for fear that they might deter potential home-buyers and/or drive down house prices once they appear on the online crime map.

Their poll showed that out of the non-reported crimes, almost 75% were antisocial behaviour ones, like drug-dealing, vandalism, throwing a shoe over a telephone wire and egging a vicar.

A similar percentange of people say that they would use the crime map to research potential new homes and would (naturally) be put off by massive crime waves. Vicar-specific stats were not reported in the poll’s results.

The online crime map crashed on its launch day and reported a phenomenal 400 million hits in its first month. In response to the survey, the Home Office have said: “It is the crime that impacts negatively upon communities. Crime maps will allow residents to hold their local police to account for the level of crime and antisocial behaviour in their neighbourhood, pushing police to tackle crime which really affects the local community.”

In other words, watch your backs vicars….


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  • Tom
    "throwing a shoe over a telephone wire and egging a vicar" fantastic! Made me chuckle

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