Is Ariel Excel Gel a Best Buy? Their out-of-date award says yes

Hey you! Yes you! Did you know that independent consumer group Which? recently awarded Ariel Excel Gel a Best Buy Award in the washing detergent category? It scored higher than the 85 other products tested over the last two years! In fact, it scored higher than any other product tested in its category, even though the others were tested at 40°C and Excel Gel was tested at 30°C!

According to the Ariel website, at least. It's a bit of a fib though; manufacturer Proctor & Gamble has a different definition of the word "recently" to you or I, as you'll notice when you see the Which? Best Buy icon on both their current television commercials and their website:

Bitterwallet - Which Best Buy award for Ariel

Proctor & Gamble are obviously too busy to update their website, because the current award is dated January 2009 - Which? states the license to display the icon is only valid for six months, meaning this particular award expired in July:

Bitterwallet - Which? Best Buy guidelines

According to the Which? website, the license to display the icon online and offline is worth £5,000 per six month period. The testing on the Which? website claims Ariel is still top of the charts, although unlike some other products all the testing appears to be undated - there's no way for consumers to know if Ariel should still be promoting a year old award or not. If they should, perhaps they could also put the correct date on it.


  • Nobby
    Which? timings are crap. My wife has a subscription to Which?. The problem I have with it is that the products that appear in the magazine are nearly always out of date, especially for things like digitial camera and printers but also white goods. By the time they have reviewed them and printed the reviews, they are often old models and no longer available.
  • dvdj
    Who really cares? Honestly?
  • james d.
    at least it clearly says January 2009 on the award I can't see how this is misleading in any way.
  • Nobby
    The other thing is, if the awards (and hence the reviews) are only valid for six months, then they should be removed from the website after this time, or retested, or updated.
  • Paul S.
    That's sort of the point Nobby. Thanks for letting James know :)
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Is this "Ariel Excel Gel" suitable for my SPRAYWAY GORE-TEX bird watching jacket?

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