iPhone keyboard that works while you table tap

Some clever Swiss sod has developed an iPhone keyboard that turns the vibrations from your fingertips on a table into key-presses. No need for scanners or touchscreens. Just your fingers and a hard surface.

Florian Kräutli's Vibrative Virtual Keyboard uses the accelerometer in an iPhone 4 to work out which key is being 'hit', thereby turning any surface into a keyboard for your phone. Have a look.

What's neat about this development is that you could create your own keyboard out of paper and use that as a guide or, indeed, if you're confident enough, just tap a blank space. Of course, it isn't perfect and it looks like you'll get sore digits from hammering a tabletop, but still, there's something about this that could be picked up by one of the big software developers.



  • mikeypop
    How is this a good idea? Clearly takes an age to setup for each place you want to use it, and then you've got to type slowly and vigorously to get anything out of it...clever coding/concept - zero practicality/usefulness.
  • Mustapha S.
    Whipping that out for a meeting would make you look a right cunt flap. Perfect for Apple users then.

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