iOS 6 appears with map mayhem galore

So then, Apple have gone and jizzed out iOS 6, the new operating system for iPhones and iPads and that. The big change is the ditching of Google Maps, which has been replaced by a new maps app of Google’s own making. Here’s the best iOS overview video that we could find on The Internet.

Also, if you’re into that kind of thing, the new operating system can already be jailbroken. More on that illicit, unsavoury kind of behaviour can be found here…


  • Sicknote
    Is this guy pissed, high, mentally challenged or just an typical Apple customer...?
  • Grammer p.
    "replaced by a new maps app of Google’s own making" , dont you mean Apple's own making??
  • Idi A.
    @ Grammar Police No. Google maps used to be the default on iPhones. Now that's been ditched in favour of Apple's own effort Google have now released their previous service, but as a standalone app.
  • Mike M.
    @sicknote......three of the four. Don't know what ones. FOX-BUMMERS-DO-IT-DOGGIE
  • Sam
    Durrrrrrrrrrrr. So, this is a phone and stuff and it's real nice and stuff. Durrrrrrrrrrrr. MORON.
  • Zleet
    Everything I've read has said the Apple maps software is terrible. Little to no street detail, locations are wrong in some cases, yelp (used for business search) is out of date by years and the satellite view is lower resolution (than google). Suppose it is just v1, but by the time they get it working google will be beaming maps directly into our eyeballs.

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