Invention news: no more jam jar-related wrist sprains

The_Jam It’s been fifty years since the Russians put a man on the moon or something, but an age-old scientific and consumer conundrum might finally have been solved. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… the easy-open jam jar is here at last

It’s been pioneered by Duerr’s (they’re one of Britain’s big five jam makers, but you knew that didn’t you?) and the new lids will be launched tomorrow following a successful trial in Morrisons stores. Of course, it is well-known that Morrisons’ customers have the weakest wrists of all of the supermarkets (we just made that up).

A staggering 86% of those who tried the new lids said they were easier to open, which prompts us to wonder if the other 14% were stark staring insane. The lids were pioneered by boffins at Sheffield Hallam University after research showed that almost a fifth of adults were unable to open jam jars.

Here’s the sciencey bit (that we’ve shamefully copied and pasted from the Mail)… “It looks very similar to a traditional lid, but comes in two parts. A central panel is sealed to the jar by vacuum, and an outer ring is screwed in place to provide further protection. Twisting the outer ring firstly loosens the inner ring, causing it to pop up. This action breaks the seal, providing easy access to the jam.”

What’s YOUR favourite flavour of jam? Tell us you bastards.


  • No a.
    Will it still work when the outer ring gets jammy? Or is it hard to screw a jammy ring?
  • Jimjam
    Raspberry is currently my favourite flavour of jam. Although, I would prefer squeezy jams to slightly easier to open lids. If they managed it with marmite, it can't be hard with jam...
  • dvdj
    Good old strawberry, although raspberry is a good shout. Jimjam, such a product exsists my jam loving friend. It's made by Hartley's and is how the kids say "the shiz". Nice and smooth with no chuckiness.
  • Dick
    Kilner screw top jars work in a very similar way and have existed for at least 50 years. The only difference is that the ring and the disc are separate in the Kilner ones, whereas here they seem to be joined. If you want to reuse the jars and lids, then no doubt the flexible join will fail with multiple uses, something that doesn't happen with Kilner ones as it doesn't exist.
  • Sam
    Kebab flavour is my personal favourite. There's nothing like a good doner jelly on your toast in the morning.

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