Introducing the vending machine 2.0

Attention, vending machine attendants: you have but one duty that matters to us - to put all the tasty produce in the vending machine correctly, WITHOUT LEAVING ANY GAPS INBETWEEN. Do you not understand the heartache of watching that twirly spiral of metal turn, and fail to release a Yorkie bar into the pit below? You're bastards, you are. And if you're not careful, this is what you'll be doing next:

So while this might be an obvious PR stunt in Victoria station for Kit Kat, sticking you in a refrigerated metal box would no doubt prove far more reliable. Sort it out.

[Shiny Shiny]


  • MattS
    Have a break, have a quick shag.
  • Ace H.
  • Col
    Have a break, have a quick crap.
  • Zeddy
    HAD a break? Call
  • bob
  • agaveworm
    Is that Alan Carr? You can get 4 fingers in a KitKat...
  • tris
    Kinda the same as the article on gizmodo really, don't you think...
  • Darren W.
    On my last day I would bring a box of Cadbury's and start handing them out, or sneeze on the Kit Kat as your about to give it them.
  • Joff
    Wow, human vending machines sound fookin amazing. How have we all managed so long without such a service? Oh yeah... corner shops and newsagents...
  • sing2trees
    20p for a kit kat - wish the vending machine at work was priced like this one!!
  • Paul S.
    Apologies, the link to the source was missing - now added.
  • Amanda H.
    Thats wierd, cause the other day, I put 20p in the slot and nothing happened, so I bent over and put my arm in the trapdoor to reach in and grab my goods. Only after a lot of fumbling, I managed to get into a secret zipped passage where there must have been lots of trapped "curly wurlys". Jackpot I thought, so I pulled and pulled but there must have been a cadburys caramel in there too, cause everything went sticky. Alas, I came away empty handed.

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