Introducing the tapered frozen chip from Sainsbury's

Thanks Sainsbury's, but as much as I enjoy Rooster's frozen chips, I think I'll pass on buying a split bag that some inept staff member with ten thumbs has attempted to fix with a roll of sellotape. What's that? You still want full price for them, too? Well why didn't you say!

Bitterwallet - chips at Sainsbury's


  • Amanda H.
    Why should it cost less, your getting the tape as well.
  • Chip L.
    Great, some manky tape which may have touched the chips, no thanks. Mind you, if buying the product in the 1st place, you're hardly likely to care.
  • doofus
    ....You're.... ffs...
  • Bobby
    When I used to work for a now long gone supermarket chain we used to get customers who would open boxes, packets and bash tins then ask for them to be reduced.
  • Stewie G.
    You enjoy eating frozen chips???
  • Wood B.
    So do pidgeons.
  • RTB
    News just in. Chips are made from potatoes, which can be bought fresh from any supermarket and used to make chips at a considerably lower price than paying out for frozen ones which have had all sorts of nasty guff added to them.
  • -]
    Not a fan of frozen chips myself, but the vast majority have no "guff" added to them. Potatoes & sunflower (sometimes palm) oil. Except those really shitty mccain homefries type, where they coat them in modified wheat/tapioca/rice/potato flour and other shit.
  • Dusty V.
    Hello, awesome post.

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