Inquiry into Royal Mail deliveries

Postman-Pat MPs have launched an inquiry into allegations that the blessed Royal Mail are going to struggle to fulfil their obligations to deliver to every address in the country, for six days a week at the same price thanks to competition from other companies.

The upstanding members of the business select committee have launched an investigation after the Royal Mail bigwigs started crying about the pressure they're under from TNT, who are able to pick and choose profitable delivery routes in big ass cities while Royal Mail are dashing around trying to provide the same service to everyone, everywhere.

Feel free to make your own joke along the lines of: "They already provide the same service to everyone in Britain - a crap one."

Adrian Bailey, chair of the business select committee, said: “We have had a number of representations from Royal Mail, and others, warning that TNT can cherry-pick profitable routes because they don’t have a universal service obligation. If it [the universal service] is under serious threat, we will see what we can do to protect it.”

Bailey said Royal Mail, TNT, the CWU postal union and regulator Ofcom will be called to give evidence in parliament.

Royal Mail’s chief executive Moya Greene said: "TNT Post UK can cherry-pick easy-to-serve urban areas, delivering easy-to-handle post to homes less frequently than Royal Mail and to no defined quality standard. Royal Mail is required to deliver six days a week, overnight, throughout the whole country, to stringent quality standards and at a uniform, affordable tariff. Everyone should really sit up and take notice of what effect this cherry-picking will have."

TNT haven't made a comment as such, but in the past, have said: "We are happy to take any opportunity to explain the benefits of competition in the UK postal sector and its important role in ensuring Royal Mail continues to work towards meeting its productivity targets, which it has so far failed to do."

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  • Alexis
    Surely this is a USP for Royal Mail? Why don't they shout about it and point out their competitors don't give a toss if you live in Orkney.

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