Indulge in your hatred for idiotic W4N K3R5 with CH4VPL4TE

18 May 2011

Bitterwallet - CH4VPL4TE

We're not the only bitter folks about, you know - in fact you'll find plenty of people prepared to piss and moan all day long. If you've a few minutes to spare, indulge yourself by flicking through CH4VPL4TE - a site "dedicated to those individuals that arrange their vehicle registration plates illegally."

Be honest, you're in our gang too, the gang that sees number plates which have been deliberately fiddled with to boast the driver's name or fancied football club, and wondered why the sun should rise tomorrow .

To be clear, the site isn't a pop at personalised number plates, but instead "the mis-spacing of letters/numbers and or number plate screws which then turns the number plate into something ridiculous, foolish and nonsensical."

"Ridiculous, foolish and nonsensical." Or tools, as we like to call them.

[CH4VPL4TE] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Dave


  • The B.
    I saw a Ferrari parked outside the pub the other week, it had the registration VR00M, which was actually rather humorous as it's the noise a small child makes while playing with a model and surmises the intellectual capacity of the owner.
  • Avon B.
    I saw a Caterham 7 (I think) on the A5 south of Rugby with the plate something like WHE 333 ! It looked quite good TBH. And a Porsche with the plate THE 911. Probably cost more than the car.
  • Noghar
    Can anyone tell me why people can't have any numberplate they like as long as it's unique and they're the first to register it? Why do the DVLC and the cops insist on a weird, hard to remember, convoluted combination of letters and numbers? Personalised numberplates are easier to remember than random strings of letters so why can't a drivers have any combination he or she wants? The only reason these 'chav' plates look wanky and pretentious is because we all know how expensive they are and resent anyone else having the money to squander on one. But the market only exists because 'authorities' in the UK are interfering jobsworths. Imagine if you wanted to buy an internet domain and being told you could only have You'd go fucking ape.
  • Phil76
    Guess you've already answered your own question there Noghar. The DVLA sells cherished numberplates themselves so they've got a vested interest in keeping all the popular ones so they can fleece the gullible motorist.
  • Alexis
    The DVLA are a pure money making organisation. See a nice Ferrari on the street? Fancy finding out where it is kept at night and/or burgling the probably massive house it comes with? Just fill in form V888 and line their palms with £2.50 and they'll be happy to oblige. Don't worry about 'reasonable cause'. In the DVLA's view anybody who is willing to pay £2.50 MUST have cause.
  • tom
    I dont see whats getting people all riled up, the website must have been set up by the rozzers.
  • Mutineer
    > The only reason these ‘chav’ plates look wanky and pretentious is because we all know how expensive they are and resent anyone else having the money to squander on one. Eh? You can indulge in this sort of nonsense from £125 upwards. The practice is regarded as wanky simply because it is, like those fucking white Hummer limos also much beloved of Charvers.

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