India braced for cow urine coke

Who fancies getting their lips around a can of the new cola that’s being developed in India? Go on, you know you want to – one of the chief ingredients is cow’s urine. How can it not be delicious?

Admittedly, cows are sacred to Hindus – slaughtering them is illegal in most of India so their waste products take on a more, say, magical quality than elsewhere.

The Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are the boffins behind the drink and their spokesman said, "Don't worry, it won't smell like urine and will be tasty too."

The drink, which will be known as "gau jal", or "cow water" will be competing against an array of other local brands, many of which are believed to contain high levels of pesticides. Mercifully, there are no plans for the drink to be exported to the UK.

[The Times]


  • -=Mike H.
    I'd rather drink this than bulls milk...
  • Joff
    The local brands of bottle water, soft drinks, etc probably go through more treatment than anything we have over here in the UK.
  • Will
    Eww. Or as I should say, moo.
  • Yasr
    cows produce milk you might aswell start consuming its 'organic' excrement . .
  • Nish
    Is this piss really worth a place on your website? The RSS are a right wing nationalist organisation not entirely dissimilar to the BNP - most educated, moderate Indians ignore their regressive and hare brained ideas and schemes. Please dont 'do a BBC' and make a habit of peddling this view of Indian society. Yes, cows are sacred because they give us milk - milk = life, this belief goes back thousands of years and originates in holy scripture. Cow dung is an important source of cheap fuel for the poor. Neither cow dung or urine is not considered magical or medicinal.
  • KB
    Nish, could you then explain to me why I saw a man in Rajasthan drinking urine straight from a cow?
  • Rob
    If you go out drinking with a bunch of rugby players , you`ll see it happen all the time .
  • Nish
    KB, you should have asked him! India is almost the size of Europe with e qually if not more diverse culture and practices - I cant explain the behaviour of someone in country of more than a billion people. But its a mass generalisation to say if relective of the society.
  • Kevan
    I think they are just taking the pee ;)
  • P E.
    may aswell make use of the number 1's burger king sell the number 2's afterall!
  • Yasr
    kgbbc . . ;-)
  • Bob
    I'm into beastiality but not water sports....thats just sick and wrong.
  • KING
    hey guys,yesterday i got something like that......but i returned.... it was in FANTA bottle....transparent like WINE or URINE .. both will look same in bootle....same color..... i just rejected ,i was really i'm sure,that was not FANTA .something was there.... if i drink then ???? FANTA BAJA DEGA MERA GHANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!..... thank god.......!ha ha ha ha
  • Ar
    It's warm and tastes like piss. It won't go down too well in the warmer months but it'll be quite a refreshing change to tea during autumn and winter.
  • Jaysexy212005
    I also don't understand why this article in on here. That "drink", if ever made, will never be exported here and most likely get banned in India.
  • veedubjai
    Haha..."You wanna try my special brew?"
  • Mutar P.
    All brits eat fish & chips, get drunk, act like yobs, british women get pissed and make a fool of themselves, all brits are racist, it rains in england all year, everything looks the same, people stab each other, british MPs are illiterate , royals call every one a paki, most people die of syphillis, ... this is 60 million people according to the BBC.
  • Mutar P.
    Hindus should do what Muslims would do when anti-muslim news is published.. the media is quite aware however that Hindus will not do that... but you never know.. that brick might be coming through your window next... beware the red dotted bud-bud women with piss bottles are on the prowl
  • Cheney !.
    I am of 'Hindu' origin via Parentage however am a British National / Citizen - Born and Bred. I am aware of MANY weird notions the Hindu's have ( especially the elders ) I recently had severe gut / IBS problems and to alleviate was sent by said Indian elders from India - a book. This book was was a revered indian 'Doctor'. It encouraged one to drink one's one urine to cleanse the body and to cure me ( it was likened to vinegar as a 'miracle cure' for various ailments. Sod that. I went to UK Dr's and went with known medicine(s) advice etc. Utter nonsense. Bloody Indians.
  • Cheney !.
    sorry for typo above...should read "this book was by a revered..."
  • toothfairy
    Cheney, you are what we refer to as a coconut. Brown on the outside and white on the inside. Your comments are disgusting, sod off, lick your white master's arse hole.
  • well w.
    so toothfairy are you saying you would drink your own piss? whats wrong with having an opinion if its based on what you believe? although i have head it the other way. some female white star was on i think johnathan ross and she said she drank a little bit of wee every day as the first time it passed though not all the nutrients would be absorbed and only on the second time they would and be of benifit to the body. I dont know what you would call her but i bet it would be insulting and show not only what a racist but sexist ect. that you are.
  • Cheney
    thank you the bit where u say "my comments are disgusting" your last 8 words...Kinder Surprise
  • Cheney
    ...forgot to add in my OP...the UK Dr's ( or should that be my white master's lol ) were...INDIAN ( probably coconuts eh fairy's teeth ? ) ...hear, here 'well well'...thank you for the intellectual / learned response
  • Cliff O.
    Hi! Your blog is great and is a very interesting + informative !

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