Incoming - Apple iPad 2 to launch 2 March

APPLE KLAXON. Nobody's seen an invite yet - as soon as we do, we'll purloin the image and slap it on this website - but the word on the streets of San Francisco is that Apple will launch the iPad Two on 2 March. That's next Wednesday, calendar fans.

Bitterwallet - iPad

The site reporting the news, All Things D, is stating it as a matter of fact, although they don't reveal their sources. All they will say is the iPad 2 will be announced at a venue in San Francisco on March 2. That's your lot. More news as we get it. Or at least, read it on another website.

[All Things D] via [The Next Web]


  • Absinthian
    One's already been found 'in the wild' and reviewed:
  • ian P.
    Who cares? HP tablet running OS is way better.................
  • lumoruk
    I hope you discussed with Mooopod on who was going to cover this story, else you're going to get an ass kicking in the office.
  • Steve
    Event is now confirmed..
  • Deann W.
    I would buy a Xoom too if it were not so expensive.

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