In the shops now! The sale price may go up, as well as down

All you have to do, is look at what you're printing. That's it. Just look at it. You may print hundreds of labels, but that's sort of the job, isn't it? And when the sale price is higher than the regular price, is there no alarm bell that tinkles away behind the eyes? No. So we salute you, supermarket offer printer, for your ham-fisted use of the labelling gun and inability to perform routine addition and subtraction.

Bitterwallet reader Helen Oddie has this startling offer just in from Tesco:

Meanwhile, HUKD member rainbowdave was buying his weekly supply of sausages from Aldi, when he was struck by a bargain he could refuse and leave on the shelf:

Hats off to you folks - you raise the vaguest of half-smiles on the faces of thousands of customers every day. If you've spotted a pricing perplexity, get it in an email and send it to [email protected] Boss.


  • harv
    They are mistakes. Why not just repost all the fuck ups you make in drivel that you write.
  • shadow
    lol funny mistakes though
  • Stephanie
    Take it however you want to, it's still pretty funny! I understand the point yo're trying to make with this blog though. Nice post!
  • AB
    Maybe a Tesco worker taking the piss out of YOU
  • yes H.
    that is a fucking good price for a loose lesbian though!
  • Tom P.
    Posted by yes its J R Hartley | July 25th, 2009 at 6:03 pm "that is a fucking good price for a loose lesbian though!" Depends if you can get them on BOGOF.....lovely show instore
  • David
    If I had seen this before i went to the shop I would have got a picture, they had a reduced item at somthing like £7.99, reduceded from 15p!!!
  • Rubisco
    I believe what they've done on those sausages is illegal. You can do what you like to the shelf-edge price, but overstickering with a higher price isn't allowed.
  • dados
    "that is a fucking good price for a loose lesbian though!" lol,laff of the day
  • Dave S.
    How dare the dykes raise their prices, and call it a saving!

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