In the shops now! - the return of Tesco

In The Shops Now! has taken a well deserved break, in a bid to lower our blood pressure and let us vent our fury by pummeling a sackful of crabs with hammers. Every crunch, every snap released a little more fury and bile, and slowly we've been able to re-join society. Andy devoured the hearts of over 10,000 crabs, and Vince now wears a jaunty crab hat. But it's all over now, and we've being forced to face the grim truth - there are still plenty of bossed-eyed deals out there leading you astray.

Time and again it's Tesco who let you believe you're getting a better offer than you are; why buy one loaf of bread, when you can buy three for three times the price?

Thanks to Bitterwallet Alan for pointing out the folly of Tesco Castle Douglas; Alan will receive a pound of crabmeat for his sterling efforts. Meanwhile, we realise the potato salad might cost more than 62 pence, but I want two tubs of creamy coleslaw, so screw off Tesco:

Bitterwallet reader Dick Dastardly will also receive a pound if bruised crab guts for his troubles, the lucky devil. Got more? Send more - [email protected]


  • Geoff J.
    Don't start this rubbish again
  • Francis R.
    Hmmm, I'm sure it's there... Ah there it is, "COLESLAW OR POTATO SALAD" I knew it was there somewhere. Or for fucks sake, OR ORR ORRRRRRR !!!!
  • Francis R.
  • MrRobin
    Woohoo! I've missed this feature. I always keep a lookout for ridiculous pricing in my local supermarkets but they seem to be mostly on the ball there... :(
  • Amanda H.
    Would Tesco actually charge you £1.20 for 2xcoleslaws? Does anyone have 6p they can waste? These BW writers cant afford to lose it.
  • acecatcher3
    i think these are quite good, ill look out for some more when i go to tesco for lunch
  • Song B.
    Return of Tesco's...mother?
  • tiger
    does anyone know how much is the potato salad?
  • dvdj
    This is the most retarded feature ever. How much is potato salad and thick exactly? Go on suprise me... 'tards.
  • djdvd
    The Coleslaw one is just misleading as you see that 57p is the price for a 500g tub and the offer is on the 300g, although I can't think a 300g tub costs more than a 500g one.
  • MikeLoLz
    djdvd needs some specs.
  • dvdj
    him not me
  • Michael
    In their recent (current?) promotion for two bottles of drink for £1.60 there were a few that were less than 80p each but the sign still proudly said "2 for £1.60" I have only noticed this phenomenon at Tesco. Odd
  • Tom P.
    " a few that were less than 80p each but the sign still proudly said “2 for £1.60" Because it makes the dickheads, who were rubbish with number work at school, think they are getting a bargain!
  • Dick D.
    Tesco's is full of offers like this and it makes me smile as people still buy them cos it "says" it an offer so these stupid offers and make these companys look stupid............they may learn........NOT LIKELY
  • Alex are at it too: £13.99 each or two for £29.99!
  • Emma
    I like reading these, I always watch out for them in the shops too.

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