In the shops now! The Maplin deal that's a whole lot more

The concept of a saving is lost on some people. Indeed, if you're going to put the price of an item up, it's best you don't pretend you're doing customers a favour. Or at the very least, press the button that stops the labelling machine highlighting the fact you've piled 20 per cent on the original price:

Bitterwallet - Maplin price increase

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Daniel for his eagle-eyed scoop at Maplin. If you'd like to send us some crazy mislabelling antics or perhaps a photo of what's in your cellar, send it all to us at [email protected] Bless your hearts.


  • Gunn
    Could start a whole new trend of bad deals. "Pay for Two, get one" - PFTGO
  • Graham S.
    I particular like the fact it says Jump start your car in 10-15 minutes - isn't that more like a slow hop??
  • mr m.
    Dont get the problem. Jumpers to start a flat battery that plug into the fag lighter instead of clipping onto the battery has been around for ages.
  • gunner
    If you look at the picture Mr Man, it clearly states that it was originally £24.99 and with 20% off is now £29.99 Thats what the post is about
  • And
    Actually, it's -20% off. Doesn't sound so bad when you put it that way...
  • rob
    lol, laughing at mr man's comment...... hes probably down the shops buying two at such bargain prices.
  • jonstorm
    And then realised he doesn't own a car anyway
  • math t.
    Nah he's probably of the sort that sold their cars to get one of these.
  • Shambles
    Some folk just do not read posts before replying (cue *rolleyes*) There's nothing wrong paying £30 for an infants jump starter kit. Helps them jump, innit?
  • Meeee!
    You're all clueless! The discount is clearly Minus 25%!! *rolls eyes*
  • Meeee!
    whoops! that should read minus 20%
  • In f.
    @Meeee! You're clueless. Fuck off.
  • Lew
    i bought one of these from maplins i then reversed the discount and sold it for £24.99. made a decent little profit from that one. get on it whilst it's hot guys!
  • James
    Just had a look in the latest Maplins catalogue, these are now on sale for £19.99 with a stated discount of £10. Doesn't this contravene some law or something? (i'm not an expert on these matters, i'll leave that to one of the more educated among us here)

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