In the shops now! The cookie cutter for your meat and two veg

It's all very well showing the beaming face of happy vegetables, but it's not like they'll in any way represent the appearance of the cookie dough you eventually cut with this thing. Just look at the shape. Look at it. Now your children can create biscuits in the shape of a cock and balls:

Bitterwallet - cock and balls cookie cutter

The devil is certainly in the detail this time round; the product was found on sale in a Christian bookstore. Wicked and wrong.

[The Consumerist]


  • uprocks
    veggie"tales" :-) ...... explains it all.
  • nob d.
    Has anyone else noticed that Peppa Pig and family are basically public toilet drawn nobs ?
  • DavidW
    "VeggieTales" is a series of kids stories for the god-botherers of the baby-cheeses-loving-variety...
  • In f.
    Tsk tsk. Don't you lot know anything??? They use this to get small boys familiar with the tools of the trade, when they become alter boys later in life.
  • In f.
    heh - alter boys! I OBVIOUSLY meant altar.

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