In the shops now! - the biggest deal of 2010 already at Amazon

It maybe be a brand new year, but we're keen to trot out the same half-arsed nonsense that has endeared us to you, the avid Bitterwallet reader over the past twelve months. Just because the rich and the famous are reading Bitterwallet these days - actor Peter Haplin, to name just one - there's still plenty of less cerebral content for commoners like yourself to enjoy.

For instance, there's this tremendous bargain now available at Amazon - a Jane Shilton Harrow Small Zip Detail Crossbody Bag:

Bitterwallet - Jane Shilton price bargain on Amazon

An incredible deal, as spotted by HUKD member and Bitterwallet fan hdizzle. Any more? Send them to [email protected]  Bitterwallet - as read by Peter Haplin.


  • Nobby
    Those decimal point errors in RRPs are so funny. Keep up the good work.
  • Bo
    Yes they are hilarious.............

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