In the shops now! Tesco's yellow label baby blunder

It doesn't top yesterday's legendary double whammy as the two labels are part of the same deal, but it's still a magnificent effort by Tesco. We've checked the prices of the other two products in the Heinz Biscotti range, and both are less than a quid:

"I spotted this at my local Tesco (Bangor, NI) on Saturday. 90p each or 2 for £3. It was a tough deal to refuse, I can tell you," says Bitterwallet reader Andy. More of your money misdemenours please, to [email protected]


  • Bob G.
    what a load of crap
  • Bill
    Even though one is for normal and one is for "Gingerbread?" ? or something like that. 2 different products, 2 different prices, both included in the deal.....hardly a misdemenour.....
  • Martha F.
    Biscotti's? For babies? FFS Can you get Espresso to go with that? Whatever next Heinz, Fillet Mignon, Autolan, canard au sang???
  • Darren G.
    if you have bought them and get charged the highest (although tesco normally charge the lower value if the multibuy doesnt save you money) you could have claimed double the discount back from customer services in effect getting 2 of the 88p gingerbreads for 52p!
  • Nobby
    Anyone buying biscotti for their babies are cunts anyway. What's wrong with fucking rusks?
  • Jeffrey A.
    Quote: What’s wrong with fucking rusks? Gets a bit sore, after a while.

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